Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grizzlies Interested in the Williams Sisters

It looks like the Grizzlies are about to sign summer league veteran Marcus Williams and are in talks with YouTube sensation Jason Williams.

Chris Wallace "confirmed" interest in Jason Williams with a slip of the tongue on the Chris Vernon Show today.

I can understand taking a chance on a young point guard who hasn't lived up to expectations and may be hungry to prove he's legit.

However, Jason Williams makes no sense. He's not even the best washed up guard available.

If the Grizzlies wanted a point guard who can't guard anyone in the league or shoot from outside, but makes flashy passes, maybe they should have drafted Ricky Rubio or not traded Williams for a washed up Eddie Jones.


John said...

Man, you got me excited that we were actually interested in White Chocolate and I could have brought out my autographed ball again and put it on my desk.

Ignacio said...

The Grizzlies are like one of those sit-coms about dysfunctional people living together.
In that sense J-Will can be a great back-up for Z-Bo, as the street-smart guy who has tattoos and plenty of bad pick-up lines.
After all, many of the other comical stereotypes have two guys too:

-The foreigner who is still trying to adapt to the city and its habits. (Thabeet and Hadaddi)

-The serious guys alienated by the rest (Mayo and Gasol) that want to get out of there as fast as possible.

-The lackadaisacal guys (Gay, Warrick) who are ususally in the sofa making jokes.

As you see, the only cliche unrepeated is the cheap landlord (Heisley) that drives everyone crazy.

David Jones said...

In this metaphor can we agree that the show is a critical and general public failure, that no one watches it, it's cancelled halfway through the first season, and doesn't become a cult classic on DVD? I think that about sums up the Grizzlies' success.

John said...

I have to admit after listening to the Wallace interview, I almost started to feel sorry for him. You can tell he is reading from his prepared script that even he doesn't believe.

David Jones said...

I don't feel too sorry for him. After all, he is the GM of an NBA team.

John said...

Thats why i said "almost". Oh and before i head to New Hampshire for a ridiculous booze fest, put me on record for wanting AI on the grizz ASAP. Mayo wants him, I want him, read Simmons latest article, actually scroll all the way down towards the end (I have never seen Almost Famous and so the article was impossible to get through, outside of the fact that he left The Big Lebowski off his list of movies Seymour was in) then go to ball don't lie and watch the top ten assists from last year (number 4, i think). Come on he fills the seats and he is a badass, plus it makes us watchable even if the the sitcom gets canceled after 4 shows.

David Jones said...

I am with you. I would be happy with AI on the Grizz. I think David Lee is better for the team, but I like AI too.