Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Zach Randolph, The Best NBA Player Out of Michigan State Since Magic

It has been reported that after my post making a case for acquiring Zach Randolph, the Grizzlies acquired Zach Randolph.

There's no question that there is a huge risk involved when you trade for a player like Zach Randolph. However, when what you're gambling with is Darko Milicic, Quentin Richardson, and the potential to sign David Lee or Paul Milsap, you have to roll the dice.

Darko and Quentin are terrible. They bring almost no value to the Grizzlies on the court.

Darko's main benefit was unintentional comedy, and Randolph may very well exceed Darko in this regard.

Lee and Milsap are one hit wonders. They may have great years next year, but there's also a chance last season was an outlier for each.

David Lee has averaged more than 11 points per game exactly one of his 4 seasons playing for a terrible Knicks team, and his best season was in a system that made Shawn Marion look like Oscar Robertson.

Similarly, Milsap scored more than 8 points (13.5) in one of his three seasons.

There's a possibility Randolph won't be the answer either, but his resume is certainly better than those guys'. (By the way, all three players were about equal last year as measured by John Hollinger's PER.)

What's the worst he can do? Make the Grizzlies worse?

In the least, he should give the Grizzlies guards some room to operate on offense.

So I'm not mad the Grizzlies made the deal. even if they missed out on the "David Lee Sweepstakes". This is the type of gamble the Grizzlies have to make. Get something for nothing.


Sam said...

Bravo - I ask for some scoop and you use your leverage to get Chris Wallace to make a deal.

I know stats aren't everything, but here are some I like:

Randolph (08-09): 20.8ppg 10.1rpg

Pau (08-09): 18.9ppg 9.6rpg

mbaker said...

i might concede on the randolph being the best spartan since magic but im not convinced you've considered the others thoroughly.

steve smith
jason richardson
morris peterson
eric snow
shannon brown

some of those guys won a title in the NBA and so you might have to weigh that accordingly.

John said...

mateen cleaves baby! why the hell does calkins love david lee so much?

David Jones said...

Steve Smith is the only player on that list in the conversation.

Inidividually, I think Randolph has been better, and I think Smith is a bit overrated.

However, I'll grant that Steve Smith did play on Dream Team 2 with Derrick Coleman and Dan Marjele.

John said...

and you had a cup with steve smith from dream team 2.

He Who Is said...

Kevin Willis is the best player out of MSU since Magic, no contest.

z said...

a nickel for free is still a nickel. so, i agree with DJ. all that being said, the reason a 20 and 10 guy is worth a nickel only is b/c of this quote by his old high school coach:

"I just don’t want the day to come where I pick up that paper and it says (Zach] shot someone, or that he was shot. Every day that goes by that I don’t see that, I feel good.”

Curt said...

One time, I told Steve Smith to his face how much he sucked. It was at a Hornets vs Heat exhibition game in Biloxi I think.
But then again, one time I was super-drunk and saw Pau Gasol at Alfred's and in one of my nicer exchanges with him, I went up to him and shook his hand and thanked him for dunking on Zach Randolph the night before.
I'm not sure how this affects the MSU rankings, but I know it does.

Sam said...

I'm going with Scott Skiles

Sam said...

The last time the Grizz had a guy average 20/10 for a season, it was the 1990's and they were in Canada

John said...

by the way curt, earl barron is on the hornets summer league roster.

David Jones said...

I'll put Kevin Willis in the conversation, but not Scott Skiles.

Skiles did have one record breaking game though.

I'll put Earl Barron in the conversation with Mateen Cleaves.

Sam said...

Skiles also had a record-breaking hairline.

FLC said...

David, you don't live in Memphis so I don't think you see what the ramifications of having Zack Randolph and AI together in Memphis. The only reason Heisley went for Randolph is he only has to pay his salary for one year. He may be talented but he is a loser,troublemaker, and drug user. AI only wants to come to Memphis because he can get paid more here under the convaluted NBA pay system. He is prone to injury,over the hill and a trouble maker and loser except the one year he went to the finals against the Lakers. That season was obviously an aberration. I know Memphis needs talent but we need players with talent who play team ball and can put their egos secondary to doing want it takes to win. David Lee would have been more expensive but he would fit perfectly in with our youth movement. Randolph will not be able to run the floor and AI will be on the beach for dogging it as soon as we start losing. What about Carlos Boozer. I would get rid of Rudy Gay in a heart beat for a veteran who puts out for the entire game (especially the 4th quarter). You won't be seeing me at any games as long as there is no real committment to winning. You wanted both these guys and I did't so I guess AI will be signed by the time you get back to work next week. The franchise needs to go if we can't get an owner who really cares about having a competitve team and is willing to pay what it takes to get a winner. Memphis will not support a loser and laughing stock status in the NBA.

David Jones said...


I agree that Randolph and AI aren't the best case scenario and that there are risks, but I don't think they're the worst case scenario either.

I disagree that David Lee is a more desirable player for the Grizzlies than Randolph. I actually think the risk with Lee is greater given the likely terms of his contract.

It's also possible that the Grizzlies couldn't get Lee if they wanted to.

Given the option of having Randolph and Iverson without giving up significant basketball value vs not having them, I prefer to have them.

In my mind, the likely alternative is someone like Marko Jaric or Quentin Ross as a backup. Iverson, regardless of his baggage, is a significant upgrade over those.

Randolph isn't as desirable as Amare or maybe Boozer, but QRich for Randolph is better than Gay for Boozer in my opinion, and I like the tradeoffs associated with Randolph at least as much as those associated with Milsap and Lee.