Thursday, July 30, 2009

JWill Reloaded

It's like the Grizzlies see an opening with the Clippers recent good fortune to solidify their place as the unrivaled ass of NBA.

The only conceivable reason I can think of for signing a washed up Jason Williams is to prove to the league that Marko Jaric isn't the worst backup point guard of all time.

Even taking to time to watch Williams work out is a personal insult to every Grizzlies fan.

He couldn't guard 75% of point guards in the league during his prime.

Why is it that the Grizzlies insist on only making moves that everyone else who cares about basketball thinks are ridiculous?

Now that the Grizzlies have dropped Hakim Warrick, I should be reading rumors about the Grizzlies' discussions with David Lee's agent about bringing him in as our third big man at a discount.

Instead I am reading this garbage. This idea of signing Jason Williams is a joke.


trozosdeunachicaenrusia said...
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Curt said...

I am extra upset because I donated my Jason Williams Tshirt to a Goodwill place on Highland about a month ago.

Sam said...

I think John may dedicated his J-Will signed basketball to the katrina flood, so he's with you Curt.

David Jones said...

I think John the J-Will ball along with 6 cans of tuna and an unopened bottle of vodka were all that survived.

Sam said...

David, can you shed any light on this? No college scouting?

John said...

david is correct on the ball making it through the flood. Shed some light? Scouts cost money, the grizzlies do not like spending money.

David Jones said...

I think it was based on performance review, not money.

This is the group that led to the Grizzlies drafting Hasheem Thabeet. They had to go.

John said...

Actually here is an interesting read Sam on it:

Seems like we aren't alone in not having scouts and DAvid is probably right, we weren't really getting anything for the money. Also it points out 3 of 5 quit.

Sam said...

Um, the Blazers website lists a Director of College Scouting, a Director of NBA Scouting, three "Scouts," an Advance Scout, and a Scouting Assistant.

So, I'm not sure I but 3 Shades of Blue's comment, "Other teams with few or no scouts include Portland..."

Sam said...

Utah's website lists 5 scouts, plus a director of international scouting, so there's another off of 3sob's list.

I'm not saying the Grizzlies' scouts didn't need to go (they did), I'm just saying that to get better they will need people to identify good players (something that has not happened much lately).