Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cardinal is Back

Reports from the Grizzlies' camps say Cardinal's knee injury midway through the preseason wasn't a lapse related to his injury last season, and he should be ready to go when the regular season begins Wednesday.

Contribution from Cardinal will b huge, not only because of the loss of Gasol, but also because he's another asset that the Grizz couldn't count on last year that can mkae up for the losses of Battier, Wright, and Jackson.

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Curt said...

Brian Cardinal and Jake Tskaiadlfasdias have both been spotted shopping at the Pottery Barn outlet. They are looking for damaged or overstocked merchandise.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So you work for the paper now, do you, Link? You call yourself "Commercial Appeal Link" but I bet they would be none too pleased if they see you making typos like "Contribution from Cardinal will b huge" and "that can mkae up." You're so fired.