Friday, October 27, 2006

ESPN Previews the Grizz Season's contributors have given their predictions for the Grizz this year. In about three sentences each, the contributors pretty much all said the same thing: Pau's absense will prevent the Grizz from making the playoffs. Analysts also mention the loss of veteren players (for nothing in return), and the potential retirement of Jerry West as setbacks for the team.

Personally, I think it's too early to tell if the additions of Rudy Gay and Swift will make up for the loss of Battier and Wright. If they do, that will only leave Bobby Jackson's loss as significant, and I'm ready to grant that the addition of Atkins and Lowry behind Stoudemire won't make up for that loss.

Only Greg Anthony seems positive about the Grizz' chances.

On the other end, Chris Broussard says that the Grizz only won last year with 'smoke and mirrors', and Chris Sheridan ads this: 'Memo to Brian Davis: If your purchase of the team goes through, see what you can get for Pau Gasol. He's already fulfilled his career goal of winning a World Championship for Spain. The Grizz are just his day job.'

Not sure either of these 'critiques' have much meaning, but they sound catchy.


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