Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kinsey and Harrington battle for last spot

The Commercial Appeal has an article about the battle for the Grizz's last roster spot between guards, Kinsey and Harrington. Barring injury neither will see much playing time behind the guards that the Grizz already have, so it makes me wonder, why spend a guaranteed minimum on these players rather than waiting for an injury, when players who are just as good will be out on the market?

The only explanation I see is to keep someone who is familiar with the plays and has been practicing with the team as a backup. I still can't help but think someone will be available if there's a serious injury, just as Atkins was availalbe last year.

Also the article mentioned that Swift is out again with a knee injury. Hopefully, this is just preventative and he'll be ready when the season starts.


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