Thursday, October 26, 2006

E Jones to drop off this season

It seems that all predictions about the Grizzlies are about how they won't be as good this year as they were last.

Kelly Dwyer at CNNSI says that Eddie Jones will have a drop off in his production this season. The last two seasons have seen a significant drop-off in Eddie's production, but it wouldn't be surprising if there was a further drop-off this season, though I wouldn't bet on a significant drop-off from last years 11 ppg average.

Dwyer also said the Grizz were thin at the guard position. I'm not sure how having Stoudemire, Atkins, Jones, Miller, D Jones, and Lowry who can effectively all play at least one guard position makes them 'desperate for guard help'.

Miller alone can play 30 plus minutes at the two guard, but he won't have to while sharing minutes with E Jones who should be about to play at least 20 better than adequately. While D Jones hasn't proven to be consistent for an entire season, he can make up for Miller's defensive deficiencies and contribute off the bench.


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