Monday, July 16, 2007

Back from Vegas

Two of my friends and I attended Saturday's loss against the Timberwolves.

The Grizzlies looked lackluster and over-powered during the first three quarters. They looked like they needed Alexander Johnson. Without access to the internet, I hadn't realized he was released. (I'll be interested to see who we pick up to replace him. Seemed like a bargain to me, but I guess there are better players...)

Here's my report:

1. I'd like to get an exclusive interview with Mike Conley.
Didn't get the exclusive interview, but I enjoyed my first glimpse of his play. He can get to the lane and finish better than any Grizzly guard or wingman.

2. I'd like to meet Chris Wallace and Marc Iavaroni.
I saw Iavaroni from a far, but couldn't spot him during the game. Not sure why he wasn't coaching...

3. I want to make money off of a Grizzlies victory on Saturday vs the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Didn't get a chance to place a bet, but I'm glad I didn't.

4. I'd like my picture taken with Rudy Gay
Didn't get a pic of us together, but my friend, Evan, got a few pics which I'll post as soon as he sends them to me.

5. I'd like to attend a Chris Mihm workout.
I wasn't able to scout Mihm. With AJ being dropped, I probably should have made this a priority.

6. Place a small wager on the Grizzlies winning the Championship.

I kept forgetting to do this, but on Sunday, I was wearing a Grizzlies shirt, and someone from Memphis in the parking lot of the Bellagio noticed me. He had just placed a bet with the odds of 300:1. Apparently, the odds are getting worse.

Other celebrity sitings included Kevin McHale, Tony Barone, Kurt Rambis, David Aldridge, and Steve Kerr.


Curt said...

you did not mention david aldridge on the phone. got to go, it's... WILEY MONEY TIME

John said...

well it looks like you were 0-6 thats better than Durant shot for most of the league. I got to say from what I have read we look to be pretty well stacked at point for years to come. No picture with Rambis?

David Jones said...

Rambis was coaching the Lakers, so I couldn't get down to him. Also, I prefer the old school Rambis look.

As for the point, both Lowry and Conley look pretty good. They couldn't guard Foye, but they were both aggressive and fast as hell.

the butler said...

Rambis didn't wear his goggles while coaching?

Stern should pass a rule that forces him to wear them at all times.

Wyliemoney said...

WylieMoney time? What's that?