Thursday, July 12, 2007

Grizzlies Take a Chance on Darko

The Grizzlies appear to be set to sign Darko Milicic. If this were Ebert & Roeper, I'd give this move a mild thumbs up.

Milicic is unproven after 3 seasons. Most players have started to show glimpses of their potential after three seasons. However, Milicic's situation is somewhat unique given that he was buried on the bench in Detroit for most of the time.

My biggest concern is that Milicic doesn't address the biggest need for the Grizzlies: someone who can crash the boards and police the lane defensively.

His contract appears to be in the $21 million over 3 years range. This is more than he's been worth so far, but it's also not terrible considering the relative amount big men make. We'd be worse off with Zach Randolph's bloated contract even if Randolph is much better.

I like the fact that the Grizzlies are going after young talent that has the potential to develop rather than veterans who are too old to make a difference. A year ago, the Grizzlies would've signed Alonzo Mourning or Theo Ratliff instead...


Curt said...

If this were Ebert & Roeper, I'd give this blog two thumbs down.

Also they raised an interesting point on the radio today. Darko's contract lines up with Gay and Lowry's now, which will all have to be renewed at the point when Pau is making ridiculous money. So if Darko actually does work out, is Pau more expendable? It's doubtful we could pay all four of them (if Lowry works out like he looks like he will. Your thoughts... or will i have to talk to Pibbly again?

David Jones said...

If all four of those players deserve max (or close to it) money, then that's a problem I'd like to have - we'd be winning the championship.