Thursday, July 12, 2007

Off to Vegas

In a few hours, I'm flying to Vegas, where bookies, according to CNNSI, have given the Grizzlies a 1:150 chance of winning the NBA Championship.

I'm not sure how the acquisition of Darko will affect that line, but I have a few goals while I'm there:

1. I'd like to get an exclusive interview with Mike Conley.

2. I'd like to meet Chris Wallace and Marc Iavaroni.

3. I want to make money off of a Grizzlies victory on Saturday vs the Minnesota Timberwolves.

4. I'd like my picture taken with Rudy Gay

5. I'd like to attend a Chris Mihm workout.

6. Place a small wager on the Grizzlies winning the Championship.

Look for me on Saturday at the game. I'll be wearing a retro 2003 Pau Gasol away jersey. I'll be with three friends: 2001 Michael Dickerson, 2001 Lorenzen Wright, 2004 James Posey.

Also, look out for an update Monday when I return.


Curt said...

put ten on black 33. and get me some new whore cards.

and I dont think they are all getting max contracts you fag.maybe if you meet Chris Wallace you guys can talk about how you both kind of suck at your jobs, as GM and blogger respectively.

Tantese said...

Shame on you Curt!