Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grizzlies' Lineup Set

This will be my last post for about two weeks as I'll be traveling out of the country. Please continue to post your thoughts about the Grizzlies here.

Before I go, since the Grizzlies have just finalized their lineup with the signing of Casey Jacobson, I thought I'd give a first draft of the depth chart. It looks like the Grizzlies are set with their roster for training camp, and I must say they've done very well given potentially one of the best drafts ever and one of the worst free agent classes.

Every acquisition has potential at little cost.

Point Guard: Kyle Lowry, Mike Conley, Damon Stoudemire

Lowry looked more mature and refined during the Summer League games I saw, but Conley definitely has room to take over the starting job.

Shooting Guard: Mike Miller, Tarence Kinsey, Casey Jacobson

Who is gonna play defense? I guess the Grizzlies tried a defensive-minded backup in Dahntay Jones, and it didn't work too well. Jacobson will be able to match Miller's three point shooting and has the potential to be a solid backup.

Small Forward: Rudy Gay

Gay won't play 48 minutes. He'll probably get spelled by Warrick, who I like better in the post, and Miller and Jacobson, who I like better at guard. Gay's a lock for the starting job though.

Power Forward: Pau Gasol, Hakim Warrick, Brian Cardinal, Andre Brown

The MVP of the world will also spend time at center. I wonder if Warrick will improve as much between season 2 and 3 as he did between season 1 and 2. I wonder if Cardinal will play.

Center: Darko Milicic, Stromile Swift

The two Grizzlies centers share something in common: they have never lived up to their expectations. The sun is setting on Swift who is a serviceable big man. Milicic has one more chance to prove he's at least as good as Dino Radja.

This lineup is a definite improvement over last year. Lowry and Conley are upgrades over Atkins and Stoudemire. Jacobson is an upgrade over Jones. Milicic is an upgrade over Tsakaliedis. Warrick, Kinsey, and Gay could be significant upgrades over last year's versions.

This seems like more turnover than the Grizzlies have had during a Memphis offseason (other than the offseason during which they moved), and I'm excited about the youth, as well as the prospect of winning 10 more games than last year.

I think this team has a better chance of beating expectations than any other squad. (Of course, some will remember last season I predicted the Grizzlies would win their first playoff game...)

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Ajamalb said...

I must agree, this lineup does look a lot better than last year. (I'm actually getting a little excited.) Gonna miss Dahntay's highlight reels though, wish things could have worked out. And, no, I don't think they'll win a ring this year, but this roster has serious potential. Milic is only 22 people!! I still think we need another 7 footer in there somewhere and a little more defense, but I'm confident that this will come in time. GO GRIZZLIES!! (and oh yeah, I live in Ohio. Been here for some years now - there are fans beyond the bluff city. I listen to the games on the Internet when they're not televised). GO TO THE GAMES MEMPHIANS!!