Saturday, July 07, 2007

Grizzlies Summer League Report

I just finished watching the Grizzlies vs Team China recorded on my DVR. The Grizzlies looked fantastic. Rudy Gay, Kyle Lowry, and Tarence Kinsey looked particularly great, and Mike Conley and Alexander Johnson looked good as well.

The Marc Iavaroni era began as promised with a lot of running. What stood out to me were the number of steals (16) and dunks (alot) the Grizzlies had. The Grizzlies did a great job of playing the passing lanes and getting out on the fast break.

Once they were out on the break the Grizzlies had some spectacular dunks. A one-handed dunk over a Chinese player by Kyle Lowry stood out. The most spectacular play was Rudy Gay's 180, double pump, two-handed slam on Bucks rookie Jianlian Yi for which Gay received a technical after taunting the taller Yi. He also demonstrated his improved outside shot scoring 2 threes and a couple of mid-range shots.

Tarence Kinsey was on fire with his jumpshot from all over the court. He wasn't afraid to shoot it either. Mike Conley looked confident too. His most spectacular play was a layup where he changed hands in midair in traffic. He also hit a Tony Parker-patented floater.

It was nice to see Scooter McFagdon playing as well. I remember watching him play in high school though none of the non-Grizzlies stood out.

I'll be in Las Vegas next weekend, and I'll have to opportunity to see the team in person. Look for another report here when I get back the following Monday.


John said...

Goodbye Mr. Jones and Mr. Roberts.

Curt said...

why are we letting the Rock go and keeping Alexander Johnson? Roberts is way better and can't possibly be much more expensive

David Jones said...

He's only more expensive because his contract is up.

If we sign Roberts, that cuts into the money we can spend on free agents this summer.

Keeping Johnson doesn't affect our cap space.

I'd say it's a tough call whether Roberts or Johnson is better.

However, my question is:

Is paying $8 million for Darko or Varejao a better investment than $1 million for Roberts?

Ideally, we'd trade our cap space for a big man since the Free Agents aren't that great.

Curt said...


John said...

Congratulations Curt for totally jinxing us into signing Darko for 7 mill a year. Welcome to the worst case scenario. Though I don't agree that it is the worst case scenario. The pistons should have just given us the second pick back when they first drafted him.

sam said...

Nothing like an all-Euro frontcourt to help pack the FedEx Forum!

Curt said...

I didn't jinx anything. Sadly, i had to get this news from I just never thought the day would come when Pau Gasol was not my least favorite Grizzly.

John said...

I don't understand how Pibbly could beat David to the punch. i know he is 2 hours behind, but its well into his lunch hour and he hasn't said a word about what is going to be the biggest grizzlies news until at least November. I might have to remove this site from my favorites.

David Jones said...

Please don't remove me from your favorites. I just wanted to give Same the chance to respond before biasing him.

I think getting Darko is not great, but not bad.

We didn't pay too much. $21 / 3 years isn't too bad. I like that he's young, and the Grizzlies are moving away from getting role players who peaked three years ago.

The reality is that there weren't a lot of options for the Grizzlies. What other big men were out there?

Curt said...

I couldn't even hardly get David to speak about it because he was with out of town friends. I just can't wait to get some real analysis from Davidkindoflikesthegrizzlieswhenhesnot
The only real plus side to this is that its only three years and its way less than he was asking for. CA says it starts at like 6 a year and then goes up, so I guess 7 next year and 8 the last. So that still leaves us with about 2 million to spend this year. I would have rather them saved the 8 million space for next years FAs, there is no point in saving 2 million, anybody we can sign for that who is not named Mikki Moore?

The other plus side is that Darko apparantly doesn't really like Pau because he says he is soft. So that's funny and I take back earlier saying that Pau was no longer my least favorite Grizzly. As long as Darko is open about his dislike for Pau, I like him better.