Tuesday, June 02, 2009

2 Bad Options for #2

Here are two options I don't like:

1. Drafting Hasheem Thabeet. There's exactly one player that's built like Thabeet that's a star in this league, and Thabeet is not projecting to be the next Yao Ming. These days, centers (with a few notable exceptions including Dwight Howard) are role playing stiffs a la Eric Dampier.

The Grizzlies already have a center that's better than Thabeet. They don't need to draft a back up center with the #2 pick despite what Chad Ford thinks.

That brings me to another point. The Grizzlies shouldn't draft a guard unless that guard has the potential to be a star when paired with OJ Mayo.

If the Grizzlies find a guard (and I think Rubio qualifies) that has a strong chance of being a star paired with OJ Mayo, then the Grizzlies should draft him and trade Conley.

2. What I don't want to see happen is the Grizzlies draft a combo guard to share minutes with Conley and Mayo. The Grizzlies need to come away with someone who can play 35 minutes, whether by drafting Rubio or trading for a power forward. (No, Jason Thompson is not the power forward I have in mind.)


Geoffrey Vitt said...

Come on, what about Perkins? However, if he's the upside on a #3 pick that is not good.

David Jones said...

My point exactly. Throw Perkins on the Grizzlies and what do you have?

There's a better chance Rubio is the next Rondo.

Jeff said...

I think we are in a tough spot with the #2 pick. But, I think we have so many positive outs. I think the best option is a trade either up or down.

this blog has it

John said...

What would we trade to the clippers for the number one overall? The number two and what? I just don't see the clippers getting anything by trading down to us. Trading down in a draft that only has two legitimate players seems like a dumb move as well. We will find as much value at 27 as at 15 in my opinion.

David Jones said...

I would trade the #2 + Rudy Gay + next year's first round pick top 5 protected + I would take on one of the Clippers crappy contracts.

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