Monday, June 22, 2009

Upping the Ante

Word on the street is that the Clippers aren't interested in trading the number 1 pick.

I say that's the time to up the ante.

If the previous proposal was Gay, #2, and future pick for Griffin and a bad contract, throw in a second a bad contract and given them Darko's expiring deal.

Seriously, if you had the chance to trade for a top 10 player, wouldn't you do it?


Anonymous said...

When I suggested Stephan Curry, I was just saying I'm a Davidson man." I didn't think anybody was listening.

Curt said...

David - I saw no grammar errors.

Tantese - Are you the reason Curry will not work out for us?

Sam said...

Is there any reason to think this Grizzlies' pick is going to be anything other than a train wreck?

By the way, here's a quick recap of the last time the Griz had a connection to the #2 overall pick - they had to miss out on the chance to get Carmelo because they had already traded the pick for Otis Thorpe (at least that's what I recall). The Pistons then selected a bust instead of Carmelo...only to have the Grizzlies pick up said bust a few years later.

Sam said...

Poor choice of words in my question. Apologies.

David Jones said...

Yes, I think a train wreck is a strong possibility.