Thursday, June 25, 2009


When was the last time someone like Thabeet became a star?

How come the Warriors can package scrubs for Amare and we can't put it together?

Richard Jefferson, Shaq, and Vince Carter are being traded for expiring contracts, and all the Grizzlies can get is Quentin Richardson?

What does Marc Gasol think about the pick?

Who is going to play power forward?

These are the questions I have after the draft.


Curt said...

"someone who like Hasheem Thabeet"
come on kid, the whole world is reading your blog today. You've got to step it up.

Also, I'm posting via phone from Amy Sellers bathroom.

John said...

well i think we can assume thabeet will not be a starter in the NBA this year. he is way to thin and clearly can be pushed around on the block. That means gasol starts with i am assuming arthur at the 4. then as thabeet develops we can either go really big with gasol and thabeet or split minutes. i think the grizz accepted that this draft has no stars with the possible exception of rubio, who would ahve cost us money we don't have (or dont want to pay i should say) and muddled up an already clouded picture in the backcourt. if rubio turns out to be a once in a generation passer then yeah we can always chalk it up to another wallace screw up. anyway lets look at it glass half full, its not even the preseason.

Curt said...

Also, I didn't get to read or really see anything yesterday. What's the Amare news?

stuart said...

I think I'm with Davy Jones on this one, and I'm a UCONN fan... You never know, Thabeet could turn into a real star. He has only been playing basketball for a few years, so he can only get better. Right now, though, he is way too nice to be an NBA center. He needs to develop a swagger and put on some weight to post up against the bigger centers in the league. On the positive side, against three point shooting teams that like to drive and kick-out he will allow you to play out on the shooters because he will block whatever gets past the guards. UCONN's defense became "force everyone to drive on Thabeet" last year. Unfortunately in the NBA superstar guards are allowed 6 steps and an automatic trip to the charity stripe, so he could struggle with foul trouble. Splitting minutes with Gasol may work out OK.

All in all I think you should pray Griffen realizes his career is doomed in LA and holds out on the Clippers to the point where they accept a trade with the Grizz. Good luck this season.

David Jones said...

even the UCONN Fans think Thabeet sucks. great.