Friday, June 26, 2009

Proposed Trades

Wow. Did you see this yet?

Also, Chris Vernon reports that the Clippers turned down a trade of Marko Jaric and Greg Buckner for Zach Randolph.

Though Randolph is a cancer and a knucklehead this is exactly the type of deal the Grizzlies need to make. They give up nothing except money to improve the team on the floor.

The only deals I don't understand are #2 and Gay for Amare, and #2 for Beasley. How do you turn those deals down? Don't those deals make the team significantly better?

I also question turning down the #5, Etan Thomas, and Mike James for the Grizzlies later picks.

I can only assume these rumors don't tell the whole story. I mean, HOW DO YOU TURN DOWN #2 AND GAY FOR AMARE?!?!?!


Curt said...

The fact that they almost got this done makes me very happy, but I still don't understand why if this Randolph deal didn't work they were sooo eager to take re next thing just to get rid of Darko. It seems like the darko contract would only get more valuable as we got closer to the 2010 trade deadline. I agree that this shows some promise for improving the team on the floor & draft night seems to have been the opposite of that. Anyway, at least QRich & Darius Miles are finally together again. 2002 Curt would be ecstatic!

jford1983 said...

Two things:

1) I'm assuming the mentality in the front office is any deal that involves trading Rudy Gay is a "deal killer".
2) Even if they did get Amare, his current contract expires next season, and it's very likely he won't stay with the team after next year. It's a no-win for the Grizzlies.

David Jones said...

jford, you might be right, but I don't think either of those two scenarios should be deal breakers.

Certainly, Rudy Gay, the starting forward on three less than 25 win teams, shouldn't be the deal breaker in an Amare trade.